Quality guaranteed with a certified landscaper

The Association of Professional Landscapers of Quebec (APPQ) brings together landscape contractors who respect guarantees, quality standards and the ethics of the profession. It has nearly 250 members who are members of the APPQ certification program.

Just like you, the APPQ believes in the importance of landscaping as a major factor in improving the quality of life. Always careful to guide you in your quest for embellishment, we invite you to learn about the importance of choosing a certified landscaper that meets standards of achievement, guarantees and ethics of the profession.

DDiscover the trends in landscaping by letting you dazzle with the creativity of certified landscapers. Find out more about the APPQ.

The Clorofila warranty

As a member of APPQ (Association of Professional Landscapers of Quebec) Clorofila offers a two (2) year warranty on inert materials and (1) year on plantations according to the following criteria: Inert materials: A. Material category: stone, wood, concrete, asphalt, metal, etc .; Duration of warranty: two (2) years; Extent of replacement of materials and provision of relative labor; B. The following are excluded from any warranty:

  • Inert materials not supplied by the Company. Normal cracking of wood and foliage (but not erosion) Discoloration and efflorescence of concrete. Damage caused by disasters, sinking of the subsoil will not be covered.
  • Damage resulting from Customer’s negligence in the maintenance and protection of materials.


  1. Material category: leaf and coniferous trees, leaf and conifer shrubs, leaf and conifer shrubs, perennials, etc.
  2. Duration of warranty: One (1) year from the end of the initial planting. Extent: plantation replacement
  3. The following items are excluded from the warranty:
    • Plantations and plants not supplied by the Company Annual plants, bulbs and roses.
    • Damage caused by natural disasters.
    • Damage resulting from Customer’s negligence in maintaining and protecting plantations.

Conventional warranty
Without limiting its liability under the laws in force in Québec and for the sole purpose of applying this guarantee certificate, the Company grants to the Client, from the end of the work, the guarantees described below and Undertakes to comply with them upon receipt of a written request from the Customer specifying the nature of the defect.

Warranty Limits
The warranty does not cover damages caused by vandalism or damage to materials and / or plantations occasionally or as a result of modifications made by the Customer. In addition, no warranty is granted if the Customer has not complied with the payment terms provided herein.